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Employee benefits which is also referred to as group insurance is an umbrella term often used to describe the many types of supplementary health insurance offered through employers, organizations, groups, trade and professional associations.

Group insurance comes in many forms and a number of advantages that make them the most popular health insurance options.

They are traditional group plans, pooled plans for small businesses, health and welfare trust style coverages and group insurance plans.
  • Affordable – Group insurance rates are almost universally less expensive than comparable individual supplementary health insurance rates. Plan members also have access to higher spending limits for the coverages provided.
  • Manageable – Group insurance plans rarely have the same level of restrictions as individual plans. Many of the sticking points that can make individual plans so frustrating, like preexisting conditions, the addition of new family members, and restrictions based on poor health histories, are non-factors in a group insurance plans at enrollment.
  • Ideal– Group insurance is often provided by an employer, it’s not unusual for employers to pay a portion of (usually half the cost), or all of, the employees’ health insurance premiums as part of a larger benefits package. Premium dollars spent by an employer is tax-deductible and the employees or plan members receive the benefits tax-free.
  • Doing the right thing – In a climate where government health insurance is increasingly less accessible and costly for working families, providing employee benefits can be the difference between having proper extended health insurance and going uninsured for many of your employees, members, or associates for routine services (dental, vision, drugs, and paramedical).
  • Healthy employees make happy employees—Providing group insurance plan has many benefits from the perspective of improving productivity and boosting morale. Healthy and fully insured employees are generally more positive about their place of work and more loyal to their employers. Being healthier in general, it means less working hours lost to absenteeism and/or employee inefficiency due to illness.
  • Benefit plans as a recruiting tool – A quality benefit plan can be a great perk for potential employees or plan members, as well as having a positive impact in terms of retaining the employees and plan members that you already have.

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