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Seniors Life Insurance.

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Seniors Life Insurance

It is our job as competent insurance brokers, to find the most appropriate Insurance product for our clients, based on individual needs and medical history.

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Lowest Price & Best Value

Our extensive list of Insurance carriers offers a large choice of insurance programs for every budget. It allows us to fulfil all our clients’ needs, while providing peace of mind. Our team of knowledgeable professionals will assure you and your family can rely on us when you need us most.

Custom Insurance Program

We know different people have different needs and no one-size-fits-all situations when insurance is involved. Each client requires an individually custom-made insurance program. Ontario Government Power of Attorney forms are free and delivered with each.

Equitable, Professional Advice

We take pride in providing old fashioned service were our client comes first when it comes to wide-ranging life, disability, critical illness and long term care insurance solutions. Our committed is to serve you with integrity, while providing the best available coverage for your needs.


We want to be different, leading edge in everything we do, for our clients, from finding the right coverage, to providing excellent ongoing service

Seniors today have many more options than in the past. With life expectancy and the advance of health care, seniors who are looking for life insurance can now obtain coverage with or without a medical. While seniors may have had difficulty getting insured in the past, many developments can help you get insured:

  • We can provide insure coverage right up to your 85 birthday….and you are covered for Life.
  • Coverage can be as low as $ 2,000.00, and up to an amount that suits your needs and budget.
  • Simplified and or guaranteed Issue policies are obtainable, with NO Medical, for individuals with health issues. These policies contain no medical tests; simply answer a few health questions.

We represent and work with some of the largest life insurance providers in Canada, and our goal is to help you find a plan that fits your budget, considering your health, and your wishes. With over 30 years of experience, and thousands of satisfied clients, you can confidently allow us to help you , to find the right solution for all your needs , as you go thru the various stages in your life.

All quotes are obviously free, with absolutely no obligation to you.

We study life insurance so you don’t have to!

Read the latest testimonials from our dedicated Customers

My mother was insured by Provincial Funeral Insurance for only two months when she suddenly died of heart failure, the claim was paid in full. Mr. Beck was very helpful in settling this claim.
J. Corrigan, Kingston
Our whole family is insured with Provincial Funeral insurance, reliable people to deal with, plus low.
R. King, Jasper
my husband was insured with Provincial Funeral coverage only for five months when he passed away, the claim was paid as agreed.
F. Nason, Cornwall

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