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Non-Medical Insurance.

no-medical-insuranceAs we get older our health might make it difficult to get coverage, moreover health exams could be intrusive and not convenient.

As we live longer, the insurance industry recognised, while we may have health issues, we still qualify for No Medical life insurance. There are no medical tests or doctor inquiries. Coverage is way quicker than traditional policies.


No Medical Life Insurance comes in two forms

Simplified Issue Life Insurance – this is a life insurance policy that requires no medical, simple answer of few questions and you qualify. This type of policy provides immediate coverage.

Guaranteed Life Insurance – this is a policy that also requires no exam, and is designed for people who cannot get coverage any other way. This type of policy generally provides immediate coverage for accidental death, but has a two year wait for death due to natural cause. Should a person pass in the first two years there is a refund of premium paid, plus up to 10% interest.

We represent and work with some of the largest life insurance providers in Canada, and our goal is to help you find a plan that fits your budget, considering your health, and your wishes. With over 30 years of experience, and thousands of satisfied clients, you can be confident we find the right solution for all your needs, as you go thru the various stages in your life.

All quotes are obviously free, with absolutely no obligation to you.

We study life insurance so you don’t have to!

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